Alfa Pizza Giotto Oven

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Giotto Oven

A perfect shape for a perfect oven for your perfect dishes. Giotto is the professional oven in stainless steel and a refractory cooking floor for those who make cooking their own art. The professional oven Giotto will be the star of your locale.



  • Of a simple and refined style Giotto is accurate in every detail.
  • It becomes the star in the environments and it perfectly adapts to any context.
  • The round shape has a floor in refractory material, with a capacity up to 6 pizzas, and thanks to the AHT technology and to the mighty dome steel it achieves and maintains high temperatures.
  • The reinforced structure of the combustion chamber makes it a reliable oven and very productive.
  • The base of the oven in the photos is demonstrative. It is sold separately from the oven as an accessory.
  • The flue and chiminey top in the photos are demonstrative. They are not included with the oven and are sold separately as accessories.
  • LPG and Methane gas versions available.