Alfa Pizza Quick Oven

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Quick Oven

The founder of the family, Quick is the wood-burning oven for pizza and restaurants that need high capacity in a "quick" time! The oven that is best suited to situations of all kinds.



  • The large cooking surface (120x90 cm) allows you to cook up to 7 pizzas at a time.
  • The stainless steel dome thermally insulated is structured to withstand long and intensive work days and allows it to reach the cooking temperature of the pizzas in 35 minutes.
  • The large surface area enables you to simultaneously cook dishes in trays of various sizes.
  • Quick is also available in the LPG and the Methane gas versions.
  • The TOP version is also available in the wood burning oven version.
  • The flue and chiminey top in the photos are demonstrative. They are not included with the oven and are sold separately as accessories.