Bruker SKYSCAN 1294

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Phase-Contrast Desktop Xray microCT

A New Way to Reveal the Invisible

A new way to reveal previously invisible features of objects non-destructively and in 3D is realized in the world’s first commercially available phase-contrast desk-top microtomography scanner, the SkyScan-1294. On top of traditionally observed local object absorption, the system allows you to reveal local X-ray refraction and scattering in object features, far beyond reconstructed pixel sizes. The new SkyScan1294 is based on the unique technology of phase-contrast imaging with polychromatic X-rays patented by the Paul Scherrer Institute at the Swiss Light Source (Zurich, Switzerland) and licensed to Bruker microCT for commercialization.Fast, Easy to Use and with no Compromise on Image Quality – the New Bruker SkyScan 1275 delivers a Winning Combination for Research and Industrial Markets

The SkyScan1275 is specially designed for fast scanning using new advances in the technology of X-ray sources and efficient flat-panel detectors. Shortening the distance between source and detector and very fast camera readout opens the possibility for reducing scan time down to a few minutes without compromising image quality. Current developments in fast reconstruction accelerated by graphics cards give an additional gain in performance and speed.


Fast realistic visualization of results by volume rendering enables fabulous imaging of internal object’s microstructure with power to reveal all internal details by virtual cut or virtual flight around and inside the objects. Fast scanning with high quality results is crucial for scientific research and industrial applications such as quality control or production process monitoring. The SkyScan1275 provides a high level of automation. Simple push of a button on the front of the system starts an auto-sequence of a fast scan followed by reconstruction and volume rendering executed during scanning of the next sample.


X-ray source

20-60 kV,100 W, 30 µm spot size

X-ray detector

11Mp cooled CCD, 4000 x 2672 pixels

Nominal Resolution

5.5 / 11 / 22 um at any location in the scanned volume

Max object size

22 mm in diameter, 60 mm in length


Hierarchical (InstaRecon®) and multithreaded CPU/GPU 3D reconstruction

X-ray interferometer

3-grating Talbot-Lau, 5-axis motorized alignment

Radiation safety

<1 µSv/h at 10cm from the instrument surface


Key Features

  • Simultaneous extraction of absorption, differential phase and dark-field (scattering) images
  • Three-grating X-ray interferometer with 30 keV design energy
  • Microfocus 100 W X-ray source, 20-60 keV peak energy
  • Five position filter changer for energy window selection
  • 11 megapixel cooled CCD X-ray detector
  • Compact, fully shielded desk-top instrument
  • World’s fastest hierarchical InstaRecon® 3D reconstruction
  • Touchscreen control for main functions
  • Surface and volume rendering, export results to phones and tablets