Comenda Flight machines (NE Series)

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  • High productivity with reduced utility costs
  • Hygiene and Safety
  • Tailor-made solutions to match available space and requirements.
  • Available in basic versions, ranging from the simplest, with usable washing dimensions of 620 x h 430 mm, to XL models with usable washing dimensions of 820 x h 430 mm.

NE1: maximum efficiency in a compact format
NE2: the versatile solution for great performance
NE3: high productivity, minimal consumption

More than just high quality equipment. Comenda offers a team of experienced consultants in warewashing able to examine your requirements and support you in developing the best solution for you.


NE3 SERIES – Standard equipment

  • Multirinse® revolutionary multistage rinse module: it considerably reduces the rinse water consumption by up to 50% compared to the average for dishwashers currently on the market.
  • APRS® automatic proportional rinse system: it reduces consumption of water, energy, detergent and rinse aid by 33%.
  • HPS easy display for time, water and energy consumption
  • RAH rinse aid homogenizer
  • APWS automatic proportional wash system
  • Moulded tanks with no corners
  • Smooth internal doors: free of dirt and object traps
  • Inspection channel above the machine
  • HPS easy - display for time, water and energy consumption
  • Pipework runs outside the washing chamber: no hidden areas
  • Counterbalanced doors: external springs
  • EOR (Emergency OverRide): key activated electromechanical emergency function which bypasses PCB in the event of an electronical related malfunction, allowing machine drive system, wash pumps and heating elements to continue to operate.



  • HPS EASY PLUS: HACCP and consumption data
  • E4 touch controls
  • Tank sanitising system
  • Sanitising system for stainless steel pumps
  • ARC Blower dryer with integrated heat recovery unit
  • WP9 series of Heat Pumps: which allow savings of up to 57% to be achieved in the energy normally used to heat the water during use.
  • Hinged doors available for premises with low ceilings
  • DHM Automatic prescrap section c/w extractable drawer filtering system



( Download NE1 data sheet)

( Download NE2 data sheet)