Fimar Gas Fryers (10 & 20 Lt)

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Stainless steel structure, lids, baskets and resistances - 15/10 thick pressed stainless steel work surface and containers - insulated material basket handles and lid knobs - 7-position thermostat from 110 - 190°C - two container version with double thermostat for independent use - stainless steel tubular burners with tubular system that slows flame flow increasing yield by approximately 50%, optimised combustion with thermocouple valve and safety thermostat - protected pilot flame - piezoelectric ignition - L.P.G. powered with methane gas kit - drain faucet - large basket - models SF/10M and SF/10DM are counter models - models SFM/20M and SFM/20DM come with trolley.
Optional: pair of small baskets.





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