Flake / Nugget Ice Makers (With Bin Optional)

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Flake / Nugget Ice Makers (With Bin Optional)

  • FM-300AKE | Daily ice production capacity: 320 kg
  • FM-300AKE-N | Daily ice production capacity: 270 kg
  • Aside for drinks, ice is important for preservation purposes.
  • Hoshizaki’s FM ice machines produce flakes consisting of 70% ice and 30% water, used primarily for cooling purposes and has no ‘freeze-burn’ effect when displaying fresh produce.
  • It is also used in large facilities such as healthcare, catering, supermarket chains or even cocktail bars.



  • Carbon auger bearings enhances product life expectancy, reduces maintenance cost 
  • Hydrocarbon refrigerants lowers energy consumption
  • 100% HFC free CO2 foam insulation maintains consistent temperature
  • Smart computer board technology
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • LED error indicator for easy diagnosis




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