About Us

DKSH Singapore Pte Ltd 

Business Unit Technology 


DKSH is a leading provider of Market Expansion Services in Asia, proficient across various industries. With 75 business locations in 18 countries and around 1,370 specialized staff, including 500 service engineers, Business Unit Technology serves a customer base of 25,000 customers.


As a solutions provider, we serve our customers as a one-stop-shop and provide customized technology solutions. We not only provide professional after-sales services, but also cover the entire lifecycle including installation and commissioning, final acceptance, production start-up support, training, maintenance, repair, spare parts and consumables supply as well as trade-in.


We provide product ranges for the following applications: General laboratory equipment, sample preparation, physical characterization, chemical characterization and life sciences.


Our services


1. Application/Training

Application and hands-on training courses are available to optimize productivity on new/existing equipment and to develop proper maintenance processes and workflows to help realize the full potential of the instruments.


2. After-sales service support


Two Service Solution Specialists, Two Service Coordinators and more than thirty Support Engineers support our Malaysian and Singaporean customers nationwide from our centers in Kelana Jaya, Penang, Johor Bahru and Singapore.


Range of services include: installation and commissioning, quality assurance and control, preventive maintenance, spare parts supply, trainings and demonstrations, repair services and production process reviews to improve efficiency, capacity and quality control.


3. Calibration

Our laboratory services have an international reach and offers the latest technology and methodologies to achieve the most accurate and reliable results for your instruments.


4. Testing lab services

Our experts are trained to the highest standards, have in-depth knowledge in their fields, know their customers’ business and have experience in meeting both international and local regulations across a wide range of industries.


5. Laboratory Turn-Key Engineering Solution & Services

DKSH Technology Singapore offers excellent services and supplies only high-quality laboratory systems and M&E solutions to our customers. Our products are designed to meet the stringent requirements and needs of laboratory and facilities in the chemical, healthcare, life science, oil and gas and petrochemical industries.


Range of services include:

• Electrical power, lighting systems, space planning and interior design

• Air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation and air balancing with humidity control systems

• Fire protection systems

• Laboratory furniture, equipment and accessories

• Plumbing, sanitary and chemical waste management systems

• Compressed air, gas piping systems, fume hoods, laminar flow and biosafety cabinets


6. Technology Center

Our showroom enables customers to experience the latest technologies in metal cutting and forming, gear cutting and measuring, precision machinery manufacturing, heat treatment equipment, measuring and scanning devices, coolant recycling system and applications from Europe, America and Asia. We offer hands-on training, demonstrations, test cuts, user-friendly CNC programming, and application support.


Our focus industries

Biopharmaceutical & biotechnology, education & academics, food & beverage, medical & healthcare, oil & petrochemicals, pharmaceutical and cosmetics & personal care and polymers, plastics and rubbers.