Achilles AS mouse

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AS mouse

A "high performance ESD-protected mouse"newly developed as an ESD-protected product that can be used with a feeeling of safety in semiconductor/ESD-related EPA areas.



Radio frequency


Radio channel

16 channels, automatic changeover

Operating voltage

Wireless type 3V

Wire type 5V

Operating current

Wireless type 20mA

Wire type 25mA

Sensor type


Hardware resolution



This product includes the following

AS mouse(Body)


Wireless receiver


USB cable




Batteries are not included.



Radio wave from the wireless type mouse can adversely affect heart pacemakers and other supportive devices. Do not use the wireless type mouse in that case.

Stop using the wire type mouse as soon as it thunders, then, unplug the cables and do not touch the mouse to avoid possible electric shock caused by lightning strike.

Do not place near the mouse any container filled with water or any metal like a clip to avoid fire, electric shock,and malfunctioning that may be caused by contact of water or metal with inside of the mouse.

Avoid using the mouse in a highly humid environment to avoid possible fire or electric shock.

Do not directly look at the LED light on the bottom of the mouse to avoid possible injury to your eyes.

Disassembling,alteration or repairing of the mouse can cause fire,electric shock,malfunctioning or injury.

Do not excessively bend/twist, stretch or heat the mouse cable.