Achilles ESD Table Mat (Rubber Type)

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ESD Table Mat (Rubber Type)

It is a delicate, easy-to-use electroconductive mat invented by Achilles' seat processing technologies.


SKY-50 PF Color Seiden Mat

It is a ESD measures mat that suits EU phthalic acid ester instruction (2005/84/EC).

Part Number



SKY-50 is conductive multi-purpose mat for use on operations surfaces and storage shelves. SKY-50 is also suitable for use in clean rooms(class 1000). Furthermore, the mat suits EU phthalic acid ester instruction (2005/84/EC).

EPA Grounding Resistance

As per IEC61340-5-1/5-2



Use the grounding wire (SKY-8E) to ground this mat from its reverse (black) side.