Alzmetall GS 1200 VMC

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Alzmetall GS 1200 VMC

Design characteristics of frame parts and bodies

  • All dynamically stressed parts: EN-GJS 500/600 (GGG 50/60)
  • All statically stressed parts: EN-GJL 300 (GGL 30)
  • Basic frame body with on-top-attached Y-axis beds carrying X- and Z-axis structures, machine table and tool magazine
  • Both Y-bed as well as guidance-box-housing are machined as a pair to guarantee highest geometrical precisions
  • The coordinate unit is structured as box-in-box
  • The cross-monobloc-design performes travelling of X-axis and vertical Z-Axis movement
  • The Z-axis column unit has four guideways with the main motor spindle inserted



  • Alzmetall Specific Gantry Concept (ASGK)
  • Grey Cast Iron and Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron, Machine Body and Frame components
  • Travel-System-Carriage with incorporated Box-in-Box-System with Z-Axis Monobloc - patented
  • 4-fold Linear Guidance for Travel-System-Carriage and Z-Axis with integrated Motor-Spindle
  • 3-fold Torque-Drives for Swivel-Axis (A-Axis) and Rotary-Axis (C-Axis)
  • Hybrid-Machining-Applications such as: Drilling/Milling/Turning and Grinding at one Clamping-Set-Up
  • Up to 2500 kg workpiece weight including Clamping-Set-Up-Device




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