Application Training Workshop

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Demonstration, Application Training and Workshop

We hold workshops for you to help you understand the instrument so you can fully utilize all its functions.

At DKSH, we not only provide you with the perfect solution, we also equip you with the knowledge to operate and get the most out of your instruments. This means that more in-depth training for your laboratory personnel is necessary. To address this need DKSH offers training courses conducted by our qualified application specialist.


Who should attend Malvern training courses?

Whether you are new or need a refresher course, we have something for everyone

  • New laboratoty personnel
  • New to Malvern instrument or particle size theory
  • Needs a refresher for the application
  • Have new application for your Malvern instruments
  • Supervis people who use Malvern instruments
  • New to understand data generation and troubleshooting 
  • Require better understanding of the instruments


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