Armfield - Advanced Fluid Mechanics - C15 Computer Controlled Subsonic Wind Tunnel

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The Armfield C15 is a new computer-controlled subsonic benchtop wind tunnel designed for undergraduate teaching. A small, benchtop wind tunnel, with visible working section. A wide range of accessories and instrumentation options are available, allowing a comprehensive study of subsonic aerodynamics. The facility is suitable for undergraduate training and project work.

The C15-10 is a small wind tunnel designed for benchtop operation. Air is drawn through the working section by a variable-speed fan at the discharge end of the tunnel. A honeycomb flow straightener is incorporated at the inlet, and a 9.4:1 contraction ratio ensures well developed airflow through the working section. The working section is fabricated from clear acrylic to give good visibility of the models, and appropriate model connection points are included in the side wall and roof of the working section.The basic wind tunnel is supplied with a USB interface to enable it to be controlled from a PC (not supplied). An electronic pressure sensor mounted in the wall of the working section measures the static pressure, allowing the air velocity to be calculated and displayed on the computer.

Key Features:

  • Computer-controlled air flow
  • 150mm (6” nominal) square working section 
  • Transparent working section for visibility 
  • Wide range of models for both aerodynamics and air flow studies 
  • Choice of water or electronic manometer banks 
  • Quick-release connectors on manometer tubes and quick-release fastenings for easy model changing
  • Simple flow visualisation technique incorporated





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