Armfield - Chemical Engineering - CELMKII Fixed and Fluidised Bed Apparatus

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The CELMkII is designed to facilitate the study of flow through fixed and fluidised beds of solid particles.

This new improved MkII version has three columns, one for use with water and two for use with air. The separate air and water columns enable the difference between ‘aggregative’ and ‘particulate’ fluidized bed characteristics to be demonstrated. The two air columns enable the effect of different packing material sizes to be demonstrated without having to remove, empty and repack a column.

The MkII version also benefits from full electronic instrumentation and powerful armSOFT data logging software.

Key Features:

  • A benchtop apparatus for the study of fixed and fluidized beds of solid particles
  • Three cylindrical columns, one for water and two for air, each column with a diameter of 50mm and height of 550mm 
  • Columns mounted above a blue ABS moulded base containing an 8l water reservoir
  • Two sizes of bed material supplied, ranges: 0.5-0.75mm and 0.2-0.3mm
  • Complete with a demonstration of liquefaction and how the properties of liquefied particles change with agitation  
  • Variable-speed submersible pump to recirculate water, rate up to 2 l/min  
  • Each column has tapping points and differential pressure sensors  
  • Air flow rate measured by orifice pressure sensors, the flow rate being calculated by an integral microcontroller  
  • Electronic front panel display shows flow rates and pressure drops for all three columns simultaneously
  • Powered by universal power adaptor with worldwide approvals
  • Supplied with powerful data logging software (PC not supplied)




( Download data sheet)