Armfield - Chemical Engineering - CEU Catalytic Reactors

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The Armfield Catalytic Reactors unit (CEU) utilises the sugar inversion reaction (Sucrose ➞ Glucose + Fructose) to study the performance of packed-bed chemical and biological catalytic reactors. A colorimetric assay is used to determine the degree of conversion using an optical sensor. Assays may be automated using optional flow injection analysis.

Key Features:

  • A benchtop unit comprising a vacuum formed ABS plastic plinth with integral electrical console on to which is mounted the packed-bed reactor columns, feed pump, optical sensor and optional flow injection analysis (FIA) system
  • The unit is supplied as standard with two reactor columns for chemical catalysis 
  • An optional third column can be added to the system for biological (enzymic) catalysis
  • A heated water supply to the column jackets allows automatic control of reaction temperature to a set point value
  • Feed flow rate 0-15 ml/min
  • The optional FIA pump can be adjusted to give flow rates up to 2.5 ml/min
  • All electrical circuits are fitted with appropriate protection devices
  • The console has two digital meters. The first, associated with the controller, shows the temperature of water supplied to the column jackets, and the second shows the optical sensor reading which provides a measurement of product concentration. Corresponding signals are routed to the I/O port for connection to a PC




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