Armfield - Chemical Engineering - CEXC Computer Controlled Chemical Reactors Training Equipment

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The Armfield CEXC family is a range of chemical reactors specifically developed for the teaching and demonstration of chemical reactor capabilities to chemical engineering students. Real chemical reactions take place within the reactors, and Armfield have developed a number of representative reactions which are easy and safe for students to use in the laboratory environment.

Key Features:

  • Computer control and data logging as standard
  • Compact benchtop equipment 
  • Real-time reaction monitoring instrumentation, eliminating the inconvenience and inaccuracy of multiple titrations 
  • Transparent reactors, so the student can see what is happening 
  • Colour tracer experiments possible for some reactor types 
  • Cost effective, up to five reactors share the same service unit
  • Safe and student friendly
  • Five different reactor types available: continuous stirred tank reactor, tubular reactor, batch reactor, plug flow reactor, laminar flow reactor




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