Claind HyGen

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Hy Gen - Hy Gen 200/ Hy Gen 400/ Hy Gen 600


  • Designed for Carrier Gas in GC, GC-MSD and "FAST GC"
  • UHP Purity that meets the needs required by the track analysis
  • Security system with audible alarms, display messages and automatic production stop in case of gas leaks
  • Available the automatic Switch with inert gas when Hydrogen alarm
  • Parallel connection from series up to 4 stacked generators
  • Modular configuration
  • Equipped with the innovative HT PEM cell for high purity
  • Equipped with the innovative HT PEM cell for high purity
  • Removable water tank for easy cleaning and water change; automatic water loading pump included for external water supply
  • Maintenance: simple substitution of the deionizing bag and drier, only after 50.000l of H2 produced
  • CPU with Touch Screen Display connectable with CAN-BUS to the generators (up to 32 units), allows the operational status monitor, showing menus with report alarms and functioning parameters
  • Hydrogen production proportional to consumption, with the minimum gas storage within the instrument
  • CPU equipped with LAN connection




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