Claind NiGen MICRO

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NiGen MICRO - Nitrogen Generator

  • High purity nitrogen guaranteed by the PSA technology
  • CLAIND "Fast Purity" patent that allows the delivery of high purity nitrogen in a very short time
  • Parallel connection up to 4 stacked generators with tower configuration
  • CPU with Touch Screen Display
  • Modular configuration
  • PSA CLAIND technology
  • Facility for integration with a Brezza series dedicated air compressor (AirComp)
  • Very high purity also guaranteed by an innovative control software, interfaced with the CPU or every PC for remote control, up to 32 units
  • CPU with Touch Screen Display connectable with CAN-BUS to the generators (up to 32 units), allows the monitoring of operational status and menus with report alarms and functioning parameters
  • The CPU has also an Ethernet output for the connection to PCs




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