Claind ZeroAir

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ZeroAir 5/ ZeroAir 20

  • The excellent solution for FID and FPD with guaranteed an absolutely stable disturbance-free baseline
  • It is the expression of simplicity, requires only to switch it on to supply Zero Air HCT free
  • It includes special reactor Pl / Pd studied by CLAIND and successfully used in over 2000 installations
  • Economic, connected at 4 FID the payback is less than 1 year
  • Dual Bench-top/Wall-mounting version
  • High efficiency Palladium-Platinum HC system for removal of HCTs < 0,1 ppm at catalizing low temperature for an absolutely stable and disturbance–free baseline
  • ZeroAir series is able to serve from 14 up to 55 FID
  • Facility for integration with a Brezza series dedicated air compressor (AirComp)
  • Catalyzer Temperature monitor included
  • Possibility of parallel connections





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