ColdBlock - Sample Digestion System


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ColdBlock™ Sample Digestion System is the first sample digestion technology using focused short-wave infrared (IR) radiation and a ColdBlock, which delivers exceptional performance even in difficult matrices. Digestion of refractory chromite takes 10 minutes without any requirement of perchloric and hydrofluoric acids.

1. Single phase 240V/30A/60Hz electrical supply.

2. Chiller with cooling capacity 300W@20°C, pump capacity/flow rate 15 L/min, minimum filling (reservoir) volume 3L, operational range of 20 to -5 °C and connection a 3/8th barb.

3. Fume hood or comparable ventilation system.


Dimensions (cm)


40 x 35 x 36 (h x w x l)


32.5 x 25.2 x 61 (h x w x l)


30 x 47.5 x 38.8 (h x w x l)


ColdBlock™ - Sample Digestion ColdBlock™ Digestion has revolutionized sample digestion by offering: Very rapid digestions (10 minutes or less) Simplified digestion procedure with rapid heating and cooling for enhanced sample throughput Excellent accuracy and reproducibility Cost-efficiency Reduced environmental impact Improved occupational safety Broad applicability spectrum across numerous industries



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