Daihan Economic Digital ULT Freezer

DAIHAN SimpleFreezTM Economic Digital Ultra-Low Temp. Freezer, Chest Type, -86~-65with Filter-free Mechanism, Non-Freon Refrigerants, 136-/237-/314-/375-/438-Lit., with Certi. & Traceability


  • with Certificate & Traceability: Controlled by Serial Number, Certificate, Delivery-information, and Traceable Data Base System
  • SimpleFreezTM System can freezes down to -86℃: realize robust and long life time
  • CFC-free Refrigerants are Used
  • CE & RoHS Certified
  • PL(Product Liability) Insurance
  • Simplified Hi-Efficiency Freezing System can down to -86℃: Can Realize Robust and Long Life Time
  • CFC-free Refrigerants are Used
  • Easy Maintenance and Improved Performance
  • Use of Block Condenser Removes Filter and Causes of Related Failure
  • Filter-Free Mechanism Lowers Heat Generated by the Compressor
  • High-quality Insulation Panel Ensure Defrosting Around Outer Surface
  • Built in Standard Warning and Alarm Functions





( Download data sheet)