Daihan Homogenizer with Remote Digital Controller

DAIHAN-brand® Homogenizer with Remote Digital Controller, “HG-15D”, 2,000~2,7000rpm with Microprocessor Digital-Control, High-Efficiency Dispersing Tools, Back Light LCD, 1~2,500ml


  • with Certificate & Traceability: Controlled by Serial Number, Certificate, Delivery-information, and Traceable Data Base System
  • Patented Jog-Shuttle Control System
  • PL(Product Liability) Insurance
  • CE Certified
  • Useful for All Dispersing and Homogenizing Applications
  • Designed for Liquid and Tissue Samples
  • High Speed / High Quality / Low Noise: Max. 27,000 RPM (without load)
  • Remote Digital Controller: Fully Digital Controlled by Using Microprocessor
  • Speed & Power Control Optimized for a Sample
  • LCD of Speed(RPM) and Power Bar Graph
  • High Efficiency Dispersing Tool made of Stainless steel and PTFE





( Download data sheet)