Dolomite Bio - Nadia Instrument

The Nadia Instrument is an automated, microfluidic droplet-based platform for single cell research that encapsulates up to 8 samples, in parallel, in under 20 mins. Over 50,000 single cells can be captured per cartridge in a run.

The fully automated Nadia Instrument guides users through all relevant steps of the experiment via an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. The Nadia can be used with customer supplied reagents or Dolomite Bio's scRNA-Seq Reagent Kit.


1. Automation: Fully automated sample encapsulation.

2. Ease of use: Automatic detection of application-specific cartridges, touch screen interface and sample loading guide lights.

3. Scalability: Processing capability of up to 8 samples in parallel.

4. Temperature control: Automated sample chilling to maintain transcriptome state.

5. Single use cartridge: Disposable cartridges with no wetted parts to avoid cross contamination.

6. Truly single cell: Ultra low cell doublet rates due to gentle cell agitation


Key features

- 3 independent ultra-smooth pressure pumps each up to 1 bar

- Sample temperature control from 4℃ to 40℃

- Independent gentle stirring of beads and cells prior to encapsulation

- Easy-to-use integrated touch screen interface

- Step-by-step tutorial software

- Disposable cartridges prevent cross contamination

- Automatic detection of application-specific cartridges

- Compatible with Dolomite Bio's scRNA-Seq Reagent Kit or customer supplied reagents