Eagle Vision - 360˚ Can Inspection System

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Eagle Vision - 360˚ Can Inspection System

The 360° Can Inspection module is a highly accurate Mix-Up & Integrity Detection system for cans. The system integrates critical functionalities including (Bar- & DMC- & QR-) Code reading and Color Artwork & Damages inspection in one "all-in-one" system.

Extra relevant modules can be connected. For example Empty Can Inspection (inspects inside of can and the flange), Seam Inspection, and/or Cap Inspection. The system is used by (Infant Formula) Can Fillers, Can Makers, and similar products with challanging reflective surfaces, such as Bottles, Jars and soup/sauce Cups.


  • Barcode Reading (ladder + picket fence oriented)
  • 2D Data Matrix Code Reading, including QR codes
  • Decoration Inspection, including colour print quality, ghost prints (double prints), upside-down cans and damages


  • OCR Code Reading
  • Label positioning
  • Empty Can Inspection (inside + flange)
  • Seam Inspection
  • Cap Inspection
  • Code Reading of batch/date codes