Eagle Vision - In Line Seam Inspection

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Eagle Vision - In Line Seam Inspection

The in-line Seam Inspection module inspects the complete seam around the can. The module is positioned in-line to inspect 100% of the produced cans, non-destructively. Various can sizes and can shapes are inspected without any product handling. The inspection is available for high line speeds.

Lab measurements equipment are highly accurate, based on samples as a selection of the entire production. Due to that defective seams can be detected too late and inconsitantly.


  • Seam Dents
  • Droops/Vee
  • Cut seam
  • Knocked down flange
  • Double seam
  • Incomplete seam
  • False seam
  • Tight/loose seam
  • Cut down seam
  • Seam spinner/turned corner


  • Automated vision inspection
  • Can inspection
  • Leak detection
  • Seam inspection