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EcoCcompact – The compact solution for economical and reliable solvent cleaning

The EcoCcompact is a single-chamber cleaning system for industrial parts cleaning and preservation with non-halogenated hydrocarbons and modified alcohols operating under full vacuum. It offers a high cleaning quality at short cycle times combined with a maximum of flexibility for diverse cleaning tasks.

With its flexible modular system (from 1 to 3 tank version) the EcoCcompact is easily adapted to individual customer needs. The system is therefore suitable for a broad application range from rapid degreasing up to demanding cleaning operations in compliance with exacting cleanliness specifications.

Offering a choice of two different work chamber sizes the system enables you to make-up your individual specific batches. Therefore per-unit product costs are minimized. For your EcoCcompact machine, Ecoclean offers an extensive range of options which are individually selectable to suit your requirements. 

Key Features:

  • Flexible application option: for various applications from preliminary and intermdediate to final cleaning as well as preservation
  • Forward looking technology: suitable for operation with non-halogenated hydrocarbons and modified alcohols for changing production conditions 
  • Reduced per-unit product costs: through volumetrically optimized batch make-up at high throughput rates 
  • Enhanced parts cleanliness: improved fluid management and frequency-controlled flooding process 
  • User-friendly operation: HMI operator panel for realtime monitoring of all system states, fault diagnostics and service intervals notification, supports industry 4.0 
  • Ease of maintenance: smart compact construction facilitates accessibility while having a small footprint 
  • Customer-specific features: over 40 different options for configuration in the basic version 


System dimensions (W x D x H)

4,000 x 1,600 x 2,700 mm

Loading level (approx.)

900 mm

Basket dimensions (L x W x H)

Size 1: 530 x 320 x 200 mm

Size 2: 530 x 320 x 250 mm

Max. load weight

80 kg


approx. 12 loads/h

Electrical connected load

3 x 400 V/50 Hz

Total connected load

approx. 36-45 kW
(depending on equipment)

Operating temperature

Clean, rinse and preserve:
 - 80 °C

Capacity per flood tank

approx. 280 L

Capacity of distillation unit

170 L

Distillation performance

approx. 70 L/h



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