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EcoCduty – The large-chamber cleaning system for superior cost efficiency

For cost-efficient degreasing and parts cleaning, machines capable of handling very high capacities in a reliable, economical and energy-saving manner at high speeds are required, in particular, in hardening and metalforming applications as well as in the automotive and aircraft industries.

The innovative EcoCduty large-chamber cleaning system relies on hydrocarbons or polar solvents (modified alcohols) and is rated for loads measuring 1,250 x 840 x 970 mm and weighing up to 1 tonne. Thanks to its modular design, this large-chamber full-vacuum cleaning unit can be adapted flexibly to specific user requirements.

Configured as a steam degreaser in its standard version, the EcoCduty is additionally available with one or two flood tanks (e.g., for a process comprising steam degreasing and injection flood washing or steam degreasing, injection flood washing plus a preserving step). The system can effectively remove chlorinated metalworking fluids. Moreover, it is fully suitable for cleaning off sulphur-containing oil.