Grabner MiniFlash FLP/H TOUCH

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MiniFlash Touch is a uniquely designed flash point tester for the determination of flashpoints of liquids and solids by measuring the instantaneous pressure increase inside the continuously closed chamber.

Its continuously closed cup design and small sample volume of only 1-2 mL offers maximum safety, avoids offensive fumes in the testing area and reduces sample waste. The fast thermoelectric cooling at the end of a test and the fast and easy handling of the instrument save expensive labour time.

Furthermore, test results are equivalent to other well-known standards such as Abel and TAG. MINIFLASH can be used for more difficult applications such as flash-point testing of contaminated samples like diesel fuel in lube oil or gasoline in diesel fuel and for biodiesel testing. 

MiniFlash Touch detects even very small flames and graphically visualizes the presence of contaminations in those samples. The ability to control parameters like heat rate, ignition energy and the amount of atmospheric oxygen present in the combustion chamber allows simulation of nearly any flash point method and environmental condition.



MiniFlash FLP Touch

MiniFlash FLPH Touch

Temperature range


0 - 200°C

0 - 400°C


(W x H x D)


 253 x 368 x 277

253 x 368 x 277

Power requirement 




Field Application


12V/8A DC (vehicle battery)

12V/8A DC (vehicle battery)



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