Haas 5-Axis VMC (VF-5TR)

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5-Axis VMC, VF-5TR

Haas Automation's VF-5TR vertical machining centre is based on the popular Haas VF-5 VMC platform. The machine features a dual-axis trunnion table that provides 5-axis motion, or can be used to position a workpiece to almost any angle for machining. The Haas VF-5 itself has 965 x 660 x 635 mm xyz travels and is built using all American-made cast-iron components.

Like every Haas machine, the VF-5TR represents years of ongoing refinement. Customer feedback coupled with the relentless pursuit of perfection sees advancements and design-enhancing changes incorporated directly into the production line every day. The VF-5TR is just one example of this. The Haas VF-5TR is a rugged VMC that yields excellent reliability and accuracy in a moderately-sized machine.



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