Haas Drill and Tap Centre (DT-1)

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The DT-1 is a compact, high-speed drill and tap machine with full milling capabilities. The machine features a generous 508 x 406 x 394 mm work cube and 660 x 381 mm T-slot table, while maintaining a very small footprint. A powerful BT-30 taper spindle spins to 15,000 rpm, and allows tapping at speeds to 5000 rpm. The spindle is coupled directly to the drive for smooth, quiet operation and extreme thermal stability.

The DT-1 is equipped with a high-speed, 20-pocket, servo-driven tool changer that swaps tools in 0.8 seconds. High-speed 61 m/min rapids combine with 1G acceleration rates to shorten cycle times and reduce non-cutting time. The maximum cutting feedrate is 30.5 m/min.

For efficient chip removal, the DT-1 features steeply sloped internal sheet metal. Optional twin chip augers transport chips to exit at the rear of the machine. A 45-gallon (170 L) flood coolant system is standard, with options for a programmable coolant nozzle and high-pressure through-tool coolant systems.



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