Idex Back Pressure Regulator Holders

BPR Holders

Upchurch Scientific® P-465 PEEK and U-469 Stainless Steel BPR Holders work with any of our replacement BPR Cartridges. Each holder comes with fittings for 1/16” OD tubing (see below). The U-469 Holder is surface-treated to prevent galling, a potential problem with large, threaded metal parts.

Please Note: These Back Pressure Regulator Holders are designed to allow each cartridge to operate at its stated pressure setting when tightened to 20 in–lbs. of torque. To approximate this level of torque, first finger tighten the Holder, then tighten an additional 1/8 –1/4 turn with the supplied wrenches.

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Stainless Steel BPR Cartridge Holder