Idex Biocompatible Precolumn Filters

Biocompatible Precolumn Filters


  • Pre-assembled with either 0.5 μm or 2 μm porosity frits
  • Great column protection
  • Feature PEEK™ bodies and PCTFE-surrounded PEEK frits


Upchurch Scientific® Biocompatible Precolumn Filters have 0.020” (0.50 mm) diameter thru-holes and 8° distribution cones for minimal band spreading and mixing. The bodies of these filters are manufactured from biocompatible PEEK polymer and are pressure rated to 5,000 psi (345 bar). These filters are designed for use with 1/16” OD tubing, which can be connected to these filters using standard Fingertight fittings.



Application NOTE:


Increase the Life of Your Column

  • Why use a Precolumn Filter when there is a frit at the head of the column itself? Changing the column frit is extremely difficult to do without disturbing the column packing. A precolumn filter provides relatively inexpensive insurance against column damage, and changing its frit is easy. A Precolumn Filter placed between the sample injection valve and the HPLC column protects the column from particles originating in the sample and from pump and valve seal wear.





What’s the Difference Between Precolumn & Inline Filters?


  • You may have noticed that the bodies of Precolumn and Inline Filters look similar, and as such, you may have wondered what the differences are. Because Precolumn Filters, by definition, are typically placed in a volume sensitive area immediately preceding the column, these filters usually feature smaller thru-holes, smaller frit diameters, and lower overall internal volumes. In contrast, Inline Filters are often placed where the internal volume is not as critical and where longer life and less fluid restriction is more important.


Serial Number



PreColumn PEEK 2µm


PreColumn PEEK 0.5µm


PEEK Frit 2µm .062" x .065" x .250"


PEEK Frit 0.5µm,.062" x .065" x .250"