Idex Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps


  • Extremely simple — no threaded ports or fittings
  • Manufactured from ETFE and Polypropylene


If you are looking for a bottle cap that is quick and easy to use, but still allows many connection options, we have just what you need! The Bottle Caps fit standard GL-45 (1 L) or smaller-neck GL-38 (4 L) glass bottles.


Each cap has three holes. With two of the holes you simply push your tubing straight through. The third hole, with a luer taper, can be used for a number of options. Any male luer (such as a luer-lock syringe) will fit snugly in this hole, or you can use the A-626 or A-627 Plug. Exceptions are the A-610 and A-610B Bottle Caps. Please see the note below.


Application NOTE:


  • A self-regulating sparging system can help reduce helium consumption and improve pump performance. Set this up by pressing your tubing through the appropriate holes in your bottle cap and attaching each line to a filter. Sparge your mobile phase with an inert gas (preferably helium) for 15–20 minutes. Then reduce the outlet pressure of the sparging gas to a maximum of 5 psi (0.34 bar) and insert a plug (A-626 or A-628) into the remaining port of the cap. The sparging gas will shut off once the incoming pressure equals the pressure inside the reservoir. As the mobile phase is consumed and the internal pressure lowers, sparging gas will enter to keep the system pressurized and degassed. Please Note: If gas leaks while pressurizing the bottle, try removing the sealing ring from the bottle, as it sometimes interferes with the sealing of Upchurch Scientific bottle caps.
  • One concern with sparging systems is the possibility of solvent backing up the sparging inlet line. This can occur if the gas tank completely evacuates with the regulating valves open, creating a vacuum in the tubing. Solvent backup may damage sparging system components and cause crosscontamination of mobile phase reservoirs. To help prevent solvent backup, install the CV-3010 Inline Check Valve along the tubing line that runs between the gas supply and the solvent bottle.
  • For a more efficient degassing system, please see the Systec® HPLC Vacuum Degassing Systems.
  • Please see the Quick-Stop Luer Check Valve for another solvent inlet Application Note.


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Bottle Cap Assembly, For 1/8" OD


Bottle Cap Assembly, For 1/16" OD


Bottle Cap Assembly, Small, For 1/16" OD