Idex ColumnSaver Precolumn Filter

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ColumnSaver™ Precolumn Filter


  • Economical protection for your analytical column
  • Finger tight to 6,000 psi (414 bar) without wrenches or other tools
  • Lower dead volume than conventional filters with holders
  • Universal connection compatible with all column manufacturers’ fittings
  • Compatibility with stainless steel or PEEK™ tubing


The PEEK ColumnSaver Precolumn Filters offer all the protection of conventional precolumn filters at a third of the cost. With its convenient direct connect design, changeover time is measured in seconds and no tools or wrenches are needed. The ColumnSaver PEEK body contains a HiFlo™ stainless steel or titanium filter element and is designed for maximum filtration of particulate matter with minimal dead volume or backpressure.


The stainless steel ColumnSaver Precolumn Filter offers similar benefits as the PEEK version, but it is especially designed for use in UHPLC applications. Manufactured with an all-stainless steel body and featuring a 2 μm stainless steel frit, the stainless steel ColumnSaver offers precolumn filtration protection in those applications where inline pressures can reach as high as 20,000 psi (1,379 bar). (Please Note: Because of the design of this product, it needs to be wrench tightened in place.)


Application NOTE:


The ColumnSaver can also be used as a convenient, fingertight inline filter when used with a 1/16” union. As soon as an increase in backpressure is detected, simply remove and dispose of the ColumnSaver unit and replace it with a new one. The direct-connect design is compatible with 1/16” 10-32 internal fitting ports featured on many standard, high pressure stainless steel unions.



Serial Number



ColumnSaver™ Precolumn Filter

0.5 µm Single


ColumnSaver™ Precolumn Filter

0.5 µm 10 Pack


ColumnSaver™ Precolumn Filter

2 µm Single


ColumnSaver™ Precolumn Filter

2 µm 10 Pack


ColumnSaver™ Precolumn Filter

2 µm Single - Titanium Frit


ColumnSaver™ Precolumn Filter

2 µm 10 Pack, Titanium Frit