Idex Fused Silica Tubing

Fused Silica Tubing

  • Five inner diameters with most common capillary outside diameter, 360 μm
  • Convenient 2 m lengths

As a service to our customers, we offer cut fused silica tubing in convenient 2 m lengths. These products are manufactured from synthetic fused silica with a polyimide coating.


Application NOTE:

  • An independent study conducted by a major pharmaceutical company indicated LC-MS chromatographic performance could be improved in some cases by switching the post-column transfer line from fused silica to PEEK polymer tubing. The switch dramatically reduced peak tailing and eliminated the degradation of peak symmetry as injection volume was reduced. For more information, please contact us or order the “Improved LC-MS Results Study” from the “Request Literature” section of our website at
  • To straighten PEEK polymer tubing, first choose a piece of stainless steel tubing with an inner diameter slightly larger than the OD of your tubing and with an appropriate length for the PEEK tubing you wish to straighten. For instance, for 1/16” OD PEEK tubing with a length of 10”, choose our U-825 tubing (stainless steel, 1/8” OD x 0.08” ID x 25 cm long). Slip your PEEK tubing into the stainless steel tubing. Place this “sleeved” tubing into an oven and bake at 425 ºF (218 ºC) for 30 minutes or 350 ºF (177 ºC) for 60 minutes. Allow the sleeved tubing to return to room temperature naturally (i.e., do not quench it with water). Once cooled, remove the PEEK tubing from the stainless steel sleeve and inspect it for straightness. If needed, repeat the process until the desired straightness is achieved.



Because the thru-hole of our 25 μm ID PEEK tubing is very small, it is possible for some fittings to cause the ID to become occluded. Please use caution, especially with wrench-tightened fittings. For more information, please contact IDEX Health & Science or your local distributor directly.


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Fused Silica Tubing 360µm x 100µm x 2m


Fused Silica Tubing 360µm x 150µm x 2m


Fused Silica Tubing 360µm x 50µm x 2m


Fused Silica Tubing 360µm x 75µm x 2m


Shortix Fused Silica Maintenance Kit


Shortix Maintenance Kit