Idex Fused Silica Tubing Cutters

Fused Silica Tubing Cutters

We offer a precision cutter for fused silica tubing — SGT’s Shortix™ Cutter (FS-315). This cutter ensures clean, troublefree cutting of fused silica tubing, providing better cuts than any other product on the market. It also includes a built-in magnifying glass to examine the cut tubing ends. Order the FS-315-02 Maintenance Kit, as needed, to replace a worn or damaged cutting wheel.

When using traditional fused silica tubing cutters, only a small part of the tubing wall is scratched, then the tubing is snapped or pulled in two, often resulting in a jagged, uneven cut. With a Shortix Cutter, a clean cut is made every time, regardless of skill or experience, as the cut is made by rotating a diamond blade around the entire circumference of the tubing.

Please Note: The FS-315 Fused Silica Tubing Cutters are designed to cut only tubing with ODs of 350 μm – 780 μm and IDs of100 μm – 350 μm.

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Shortix Fused Silica Maintenance Kit


Shortix Maintenance Kit


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