Idex Gore Tubing for Special Applications

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GORE™ Tubing for Special Applications

  • For single channel tubing pumps
  • Aggressive media
  • High-pressure applications


GORE Style 100 for High-Pressure Applications 

  • Extremely stable flow rates
  • Variability in flow rate within 1% during total life time
  • Virtually eliminates spallation (ensures continuously high purity in fluid transfer)
  • For differential pressures up to 4 bar (60 psi)
  • High burst strength up to 25 bar (360 psi)
  • Exhibits 18 times the life of silicone rubber tubing 


GORE Style 100CR for Agressive Media

  • Extremely long life perfluorelastomer tubing
  • Stable flow rates, variation less than 1% over tubing life
  • Low solvent swell
  • Extreme long service life
  • Suitable for almost all aggressive chemicals, including organic solvents such as methylethylketone, toluene and acetone


Application NOTE:

GORE Style 100

In pharmacuetical, food and biotech processes:

  • Tangential flow filtration and other high-pressure applications
  • Addition of anti-foam
  • Long-term fermentation: continuous media recirculation over 75 days
  • Transfer of live-cells from one container into another featuring excellent service life at low temperatures
  • Ultra-filtration: high pressure stability allows higher system pressure and flow rate, which results in longer service life and fewer down-times due to tube exchanges 


GORE Style 100CR

 In electronic, medical, textile, industry:

  • Solvent-based ink for gravure printing
  • Coating of glass bottles
  • Chemical coating of plastic plates and film
  • Chemical-based flow in waste water treatment
  • Solvent-based coating of tablets
  • Synthesis with high through-put
  • Laboratory analysis or dispensing