Idex High Pressure Valves

High Pressure Valves

RheodyneR valves fit virtually any flow control application. There are valves for preparative, analytical, nano, and microscale analysis in a variety of flow configurations. Pressure ratings of the valves in this chapter range from 125 psi (9 bar) to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar). MX Series II™ Modules are actuated electronically and can be easily adapted to existing instrumentation using contact closure, BCD, I2C, USB, or used as stand alone devices. Industry standard sample injectors and switching valves are designed for manual actuation. Locate the valve module and flow configuration of choice using the table below.

Serial Number



MX Series II™ 2 Position/6 Port DuraLife Switching Valve


MX Series II™ 2 Position/6 Vertical Port Valve


MX Series II™ 2 Position/10 Port Switching Valve


MX Series II™ 6 Position/7 Port DuraLife II Selector Valve


MX Series II™ 2 Position/6 Port Switching Nano valve


MX Series II™ 2 Position/10 Port M4 Switching Nano Valve


MX Series II™ 2 Position/6 Port PEEK Switching Valve


MX Series II™ 2 Position/10 Port PEEK Switching Valve


MXT Valves for Fast Chromatography

  • Valves for proprietary ultra-high performance applications
  • Can withstand up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar)
  • Made from combination UltraLife™ material
  • Available in a two-position and a six-position version
  • Designed for use Rapid Replacement Pod™ for quick and easy maintenance


MXP High Pressure Valves for HPLC

  • Switching, selection, and injection valve models
  • Can withstand up to 6,000 psi (414 bar)
  • Chemically compatible for use with most mobile phase compositions
  • Available with analytical and nano-scale flow paths


Application NOTE:

The high pressure MX Series II can increase sample throughput and laboratory productivity by automating HPLC applications. These applications can be automated with the addition of the high pressure MX Series II valve to an existing HPLC System, saving money and allowing for simple connections with little set-up time.