Idex Inline Solvent Filters

Inline Solvent Filters


  • Excellent for general purpose inline use
  • 2 μm and 20 μm porosity frits available


Placed between the pump and sample injection valve, Inline Solvent Filters trap particles released through normal piston seal wear. Without an inline filter, particles can be flushed through your system’s tubing to the sample injection valve, resulting in valve damage and further system contamination.


These filters are pressure rated to 6,000 psi (414 bar) and use a 2 μm or 20 μm stainless steel frit. An 8° distribution cone helps spread the flow of the mobile phase over the entire surface of the frit, while the 0.050” (1.3 mm) diameter thru-hole allows virtually unrestricted solvent flow rates.


Serial Number



Stainless Steel Inline Solvent Filter w/20µm Frit


Stainless Steel Inline Solvent Filter, 2µm


Stainless Steel Frit 20µm, .188" x .074" x .254"


Stainless Steel Frit 2µm, .094" x .065" x .2485" Single