Idex Iso-Prep Guard

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Iso-Prep™ Guard

  • 21.2 mm and larger ID column protection
  • Improves plate count and symmetry
  • Simple manufacturing technique


Application NOTE:

Low Pressure Drop

  • 60:40 Acetonitrile : Water
  • 50 mL/min
  • Kromasil 10 μm C18
  • Backpressure: 100 psi


Why use guard columns?

  • Columns damaged by strong or irreversible adsorption include changes in retention time and selectivity, offset baseline (bleed) and peak shape deterioration. Columns damaged by particulates (from the sample matrix, mobile phase, etc.) commonly exhibit peak splitting and increased back pressure. Guard columns protect your column in two ways. First, they act as filters trapping particles in their frits or packed bed, or both. Second, when the guard column is packed with the same material as in the analytical column, it removes compounds that irreversibly or strongly bind to the packing material. By either approach, guard columns can increase your column life considerably.


Serial Number



Iso-Prep™ Guard Cartridge, 21.2 ID mm x 1.0 cm w/Frit


Iso-Prep™ Guard Holder 21.2 mm


Analytical Guard Integral Holder


Iso-Prep™ Guard Holder 30mm ID x 1.0cm


Iso-Prep™ Guard Holder 21.2 ID mm x 1.0cm


Iso-Prep™ Guard Holder 30mm ID x 1.0cm


Iso-Prep™ Guard Cartridge 30mm ID x 1.0, Frit 2µm