Idex Lee Company MINSTAC Compatible Fittings

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Lee Company “MINSTAC®” Compatible Fittings

  • Super Flangeless™ style ferrules designed specifically to work with 6-40 nuts in Lee MINSTAC valve ports
  • For 1/16” OD tubing

Upchurch Scientific TinyTight™ Fittings are easy-to-use alternatives for Lee Company 062 MINSTAC fittings systems. These fittings consist of a TinyTight Ferrule which works with the 6-40 threaded nut on this page, M-644-03. Choose from two ferrule options, with 0.020” (0.50 mm) or 0.030” (0.75 mm) thru-holes. To use, simply slide a fitting head-first onto your tubing, followed by the ring and ferrule, and thread this assembly into the solenoid valve receiving port, while making sure the tubing is bottomed out. No collets, colleting tools or chamfering tools required; however, if needed for easier assembly of the TinyTight fittings, the M-150 tool is available. To use, first place the tool in a vise, then tighten tubing, fitting and ferrule into the tool as you would into any port. Once removed, the swaged ferrule will be held in place on the tubing.

The TinyTight fittings have a pressure range that depends upon the tubing used for the connection. Please contact your distributor or IDEX Health & Science for more information.