Idex Microbore Guard Columns

Microbore Guard Columns

  • Ideal for Microbore HPLC
  • Easily dry packed (or slurry packed with adapter)
  • Made of PEEK polymer and stainless steel


This Upchurch Scientific® ultralow volume guard column (1.0 mm ID x 2 cm length) is ideal for narrow-bore chromatography. The unpacked guard column allows you to exactly match the chemistry of your column, resulting in optimum column protection. The total packing volume of 16.2 μL ensures maximum column efficiency and analytical column protection. The column can be easily dry packed using the specially designed funnel (C-128-20). A 3 g bottle of our C18 packing material will pack this column more than 120 times.

Frits often become plugged before a guard column is contaminated. The two 0.5 μm frits included with this guard column can be changed in minutes. Optional 2 μm frits may be purchased separately (C-408).


Application NOTE:

Signs Indicating the Guard Column Needs to be Changed

  • System pressure build-up
  • Faster than usual retention times
  • Reduced resolution


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MicroBore Guard Column Column


Stainless Steel Frit Black 0.5µm


Slurry Packing Adapter


Stainless Steel Frit 2µm.038" x .030" x 125" Natural - Single