Idex MicroTight Tubing Sleeves

MicroTight® Tubing Sleeves

  • Manufactured from PEEK™ polymer
  • Pressure rated to 4,000 psi (276 bar)
  • Color-coded for easy inner diameter identification

Upchurch Scientific® MicroTight Tubing Sleeves feature an outer diameter of 0.025” and offer a wide assortment of inner diameters to help facilitate capillary tubing connections with our MicroTight accessories. Because the sleeves are manufactured from PEEK polymer, they carry an upper temperature threshold of 125 ºC.

To use these sleeves properly, choose a sleeve with an inner diameter 0.001”–0.002” (25–50 μm) larger than the outer diameter of your capillary tubing. Then, slip the sleeve over your flow path tubing, such that your tubing extends all the way through the sleeve, but not beyond the end of the sleeve. Choose the correct fitting that corresponds with your receiving port, slide it over the sleeved flow path tubing and connect as normal.


Application NOTE:

Why use Sleeves?

Because most capillary tubing connections are made into coned receiving ports, where the port is not designed to be used with capillary tubing directly, special care must be used to ensure a good connection. While custom ferrules can help make these connections, they only offer a fixed-length nose — and because most tubing pockets will vary slightly in length, this can lead to leaking or dead volume.

To help save overall expense while maintaining a concentric connection with minimal dead volume, IDEX Health & Science recommends the use of sleeves. Because sleeves are not permanently attached to a ferrule, they can easily adapt to varying tubing pocket depths. Additionally, because they are manufactured using Upchurch Scientific extruded polymer tubing, you are assured of the concentricity of the resultant connection.


Serial Number



MicroTight® Sleeve Red .025" OD x

.005" ID


MicroTight® Sleeve Yellow .025" OD x .007" ID


MicroTight® Sleeve Natural .025" OD x .009" ID


MicroTight® Sleeve Blue .025" OD x

.011" ID


MicroTight® Sleeve Orange .025" OD x .013" ID


MicroTight® Sleeve Green .025" OD x .0155" ID Single


MicroTight® Sleeve Green .025" OD x .0155" ID 10 Pack


MicroTight® Sleeve Black .025" OD x

.018" ID


MicroTight® Sleeve Natural .025" OD x .021" ID