Idex NanoPort Assemblies

NanoPort Assemblies

  • For lab-on-a-chip applications
  • Options to connect 360 μm, MicroTightR tubing sleeves, 1/32” OD or 1/16” OD tubing
  • Wetted materials: PEEK™ and perfluoroelastomer

Upchurch ScientificR NanoPort Assemblies are the first commercially available products to provide consistent fluid connections for chip-based analyses. Once attached, NanoPort connections can withstand pressures to 1,000 psi (69 bar).* NanoPorts will adhere to silicon, quartz, glass and some polymers.

All NanoPort components are made of inert, biocompatible PEEK polymer (nuts and ports) and PerlastR perfluoroelastomer (ferrules and gaskets). These products bond easily to chip surfaces with the provided Preformed Adhesive Rings (see Application Note). Their unique design also prevents adhesive contamination of the fluid path. And NanoPort connections add no additional volume to the fluid path, virtually eliminating dead volume traditionally associated with chip-based fluid connections. Our NanoPort Reservoir Assembly is designed for open well applications, such as CE. *Except the N-333 NanoPort Assembly, which is rated to 500 psi (34.5 bar).


Application NOTE:

NanoPort Adhesive Cure Requirements

  • Preformed Adhesive Rings included with each order –

  Cure Temperature: 165 – 177°C (330 – 350°F)

  Cure Time: 1 hour

  • Place clamped Ports in oven at a temperature of 165 – 177°C (330 – 350°F) for one hour to develop a complete bond between the Port and the substrate.
  • Please contact us regarding adherence to specific polymer substrates and other adhesive options.

Please Note: For alternative epoxy adhesive options, please contact IDEX Health & Science directly.


NanoPort Reservoir Applications:

  • Sample reservoir
  • Open wells for capillary electrophoresis
  • Syringe injection or flushing/priming, using our P-604 Luer Adapter, and luer syringe (such as our B-310) 


To select the appropriate NanoPort assembly you will need to consider:

  • Size of tubing you are connecting
  • Dimensions of the chip hole
  • Fitting style (one-piece or two-piece fittings)
  • Nut head style (standard or headless nut)

Please Note: Each NanoPort Assembly includes a fitting (one- or two-piece), a NanoPort, gasket, a 2-pack of preformed adhesive rings, and a clamp for holding the port in place while the adhesive cures.



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NanoPort Assembly Headless, 10-32 Coned, for 1/16" OD,