Idex Nonmetallic 1/4-28 and 10-32 Inline Check Valves

Nonmetallic 1/4-28 and 10-32 Inline Check Valves

  • Low cracking pressure of 1 psi (0.07 bar)
  • Multiple configurations for different applications
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Materials of construction: PEEK™ and perfluoroelastomer


Upchurch Scientific® Nonmetallic Inline Check Valves provide excellent backflow protection for sensitive equipment along with outstanding chemical resistance guaranteed by the PEEK polymer and perfluoroelastomer construction. Metal-free composition makes these check valves perfect for use with corrosive fluids or biological samples.

These check valves function well up to moderately-high pressure applications. Low internal volume also allows them to be used in areas where flow path volume is important; however, higher flow rates can pass through with minimal pressure drop.


Application NOTE:

  • The CV-3320 or CV-3321 style can be connected to any 1/4-28 flat-bottom port for trouble-free back flow protection.
  • When using a pump after the analytical column, consider placing a CV-3330 Check Valve after the column to prevent fluid from the post-column pump from flowing backwards through the column.This product also serves as an excellent nonmetallic alternative to our CV-3010 in sparging applications where the mobile phase may be corrosive to the stainless steel or ethylene propylene components inside the CV-3010 assembly.
  • The CV-3335 Inlet and CV-3336 Outlet Check Valves allow tubing larger than 1/16” OD (up to 1/8”) to be connected into a 10-32 coned internal port. Use both of these check valves when attaching a largervolume sample loop to an analytical-scale injection valve. This setup limits the flow of the sample into the loop to one direction, minimizing back flow and sample carry-over.
  • The CV-3340 is useful in virtually any high pressure fluid pathway using 1/16” or smaller OD tubing, where limiting the direction of flow is desirable.


Serial No



Check Valve Inlet Non-Metallic


Check Valve Outlet Non-Metallic


Check Valve Inlet Non-Metallic.040 thru hole


Check Valve Outlet Non-Metallic .040 thru hole


Check Valve Inlet Non-Metallic.060 thru hole


Check Valve Outlet Non-Metallic .060 thru hole


Check Valve Inline Non-Metallic 1/4-28


Check Valve Inlet Non-Metallic 1/4-28 to 10-32


Check Valve Out Non-Metallic 1/4-28 to 10-32


Check Valve Inline Non-Metallic 10-32