Idex PEEK Sample Loops

PEEK sample loops

Flexible PEEK sample loops are alternatives to stainless steel loops. PEEK loop ends are provided with clean, straight cuts for easy valve installation.

PEEK polymer is inert to almost all organic solvents and is biocompatible, giving PEEK loops added versatility. Natural PEEK is used for these sample loops. Like metal loops, the size designations of PEEK loops are nominal. The actual volumes can differ from the theoretical designations because of the ±0.05 mm (0.002”) tolerance of the tubing bore. Accuracy of large PEEK loops (0.8 mm, 0.030” bore) is about ±14%, intermediate loops (0.5 mm, 0.020”) ±21%, and small loops (0.2 mm, 0.007”) ±65%.

PEEK loops are also supplied with unswaged RheFlex fittings but do not require the same swaging precaution. The fittings can reposition along the loop tubing when the fitting reinserts in the ports for correct loop installation.

Please Note: Several of our PEEK Sample Loops can also be used with Valco/VICIR sample injectors. Please refer to the product listing on this page to aid selection.


Application NOTE:

  • PEEK Physical Strength Characteristics

Although PEEK material is compatible with virtually all solvents, there are many factors that affect burst pressure of PEEK tubing. Factors such as increases in inner diameter, temperature, exposure time, and concentration of organic solvents affect the degradation of PEEK. Other solvents such a THF, methylene chloride and DMSO cause PEEK tubing to swell while concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid weaken the tubing.


Serial Number Description
3055-018 PEEK Sample Loop for 3725i 2mL
3055-019 PEEK Sample Loop for 3725i 5mL
3055-023 PEEK Sample Loop for 3725i 10mL
3055-025 PEEK Sample Loop for 3725i 20mL
9055-020 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 5µL
9055-021 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 10µL
9055-023 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 50µL
9055-024 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 100µL
9055-025 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 200µL
9055-026 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 500µL
9055-027 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 1mL
9055-028 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 2mL
9055-029 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 5mL
9055-033 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 10mL
7123-227 1µL PEEK Internal Sample Loop for PR/EV700/750-100
7755-015 2µL PEEK Internal Sample Loop for 7725i/9725i
1800 PEEK Sample Loop Assembly 2µL
1810 PEEK Sample Loop Assembly 100µL
1826 PEEK Sample Loop Assembly 20mL
9055-022 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 20µL