Idex Polymer Tubing Cutter

Polymer Tubing Cutters

  • For 1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4” and 5/16” OD tubing

A flat, 90˚, burr-free cut is difficult to obtain with most commercial polymer tubing cutters. Upchurch Scientific® has designed several tubing cutters specifically to cut polymer tubing. This line of tubing cutters includes a standard cutter for 1/16” and 1/8” OD tubing (A-327), and another for large bore tubing (A-329). Each has guide holes to ensure precise cutting. These cutters are durable, reliable and easy to operate. Five replacement blades are included with each cutter.


Polymer Tubing Cutter for 2.0 mm OD Tubing

Upchurch Scientific introduces a new tubing cutter specifically for cutting 2.0 mm OD polymer tubing. The A-370 tubing cutter is designed to cut in a similar method to the A-350 capillary polymer tubing cutter. The tubing slides through the cutter and the knob is rotated to spin the tubing as the razor blade circumscribes the tubing, providing a very clean, perpendicular cut.



  • The A-350 Capillary Polymer Tubing Cutter can be used to cut tubing OD sizes other than 360 μm, 510 μm and 1/32”. Simply use the proper NanoTight™ Tubing Sleeve found on page 17. Please note, however, that these sleeves are shorter than those listed on this page, and therefore will last through fewer cuts.
  • Our tubing cutters are material specific: the A-327, A-329 and A-350 should only be used to cut polymer tubing, where as the FS-315 should only be used to cut fused silica tubing.


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