Idex Pressure Gauge Tee

Pressure Gauge Tee

  • Complete with stainless steel fittings

Many HPLC systems have pumps that provide a digital readout of the inline system pressure. However, a number of systems do not, creating the need for a gauge along your 1/16” OD tubing pathway to monitor pressure. The Upchurch Scientific U-433 Pressure Gauge Tee is the solution. This Tee comes complete with 10-32 coned stainless steel fittings for 1/16” OD tubing and has an internal port suitable to connect to 1/4” pipe threads (NPT), standard to most gauges. Please Note: A pressure gauge is not included with this Tee: however, they are available from a number of laboratory supply companies.

Before installing your gauge into this Tee, simply wrap PTFE tapearound the male threads of your pressure gauge four times. This willensure a leak-free seal, even at standard HPLC operating pressures.


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Pressure Gauge Tee