Idex Prime/Purge Valve for Waters Pumps

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Prime/Purge Valve for Waters Pumps

  • Automatic valve operation with a simple twist of a luer lock syringe
  • No tubing to cut or ferrules to swage
  • No wear on the internal seal
  • Materials of construction: ruby, sapphire, PEEK™, PTFE, and stainless steel


The Upchurch Scientific® Prime/Purge Valve for Waters pumps automatically opens when a luer syringe is attached and closes when the syringe is removed. No valve rotation is required after the initial installation, so wear on the internal seal is eliminated.

In addition, our Waters-compatible Prime/Purge Valve is simpler to operate and more economically priced than alternative valves available for Waters systems.

A Waters-compatible internal PTFE seal is included with the valve. This seal can also be purchased separately. It can be used both with the Upchurch Scientific valve and the original valve supplied with the pump.


Application NOTE:

Air in the Inlet Solvent Line

  • Install the Low Pressure Universal Prime/Purge Valve along the inlet solvent path near the pump to remove bubbles from the inlet solvent line. The valve can also be used to rapidly “wet” your solvent inlet filter. When a new filter is installed, it often contains a substantial amount of air within its pores. At standard flow rates, it may require several minutes before the inlet fluid pathway is completely free of gas. Using this valve you are able to rapidly draw solvent through the inlet filter, dislodging the gas and minimizing downtime.