Idex Rotor Seals & Stators

Rotor Seals and Stators

The rotor seal is the polymeric disc that makes a high pressure seal against the stator or stator face seal. The seal wears with use and is one of the only parts that may need routine replacement. Stators are available in 316 stainless steel, PEEK™ and proprietary materials. Stators need replacement only if the ports or sealing surfaces become damaged. Avoid damage from use of improper injection needles by referring to the “Using Proper Syringe Needles” Application Note.

Please Note: Rotor seals for MX Series II™ Modules are available in RheBuild Kits. Stators for MX Series II Modules are available, MX (Series I) Module rotor seals are available in RheBuild Kits and stators are available at


Application NOTE:

How to Select the Right Rotor Seal -

The standard rotor seal in many RheodyneR manual valves is made from a VespelR blend. This polyimide has low wear and high chemical resistance. Vespel tolerates a pH range of 0 to 10. Solutions more basic than pH 10 dissolve Vespel which damages the rotor seal. If you use any solutions above pH 10, Rheodyne recommends a PEEK blend rotor seal. PEEK offers a high chemical resistance and versatility, and will tolerate the entire pH range from 0 to 14. ETFE blend rotor seals are appropriate for use in applications where PEEK is not generally acceptable, such as when methylene chloride or DMSO in higher concentrations is being used.


Serial Number Description
3725-018 PEEK Rotor Seal for 3725(i)/038
7610-011 PEEK Rotor Seal for 7610-400, 7610-600
9125-095 PEEK Rotor Seal for 9125/9725
7010-039 Vespel® Rotor Seal for 7000/7010/7040
7030-003 Vespel® Rotor Seal for 7030
7030-014 Vespel® Rotor Seal for 7030L
7060-064 Vespel® Rotor Seal for 7060L
7060-070 Vespel® Rotor Seal for 7060, 7066
7125-047 Vespel® Rotor Seal for 7125, 7725
7410-038 Vespel® Rotor Seal for 7410
7413-013 Vespel® Rotor Seal for 7413
8125-038 Vespel® Rotor Seal for 8125
7123-493 RPC-10 3 Groove Rotor Seal for MXT715-000/HT715-000/PD715-000
7010-071 Tefzel® Rotor Seal for 7010/087, 7000,7040
7030-015 Tefzel® Rotor Seal 7030/9030
7060-067 Tefzel® Rotor Seal for 7060L
7060-074 Tefzel® Rotor Seal for 7060, 7066, 9060
7125-079 Tefzel® Rotor Seal for 7125, 7125-081, 7725
7410-075 Tefzel® (EFTE) Rotor Seal for 7410
8125-097 Tefzel® (EFTE) Rotor Seal for 8125/8126
9010-051 Tefzel® (EFTE) Rotor Seal for 9010
9125-082 Tefzel® (EFTE) Rotor Seal for 9125/9725
3725-006 PEEK Stator for 3725, 3710, 3000, 3030
7123-127 PEEK Stator for EV/HT/PD/RV750-107
7123-145 PEEK Stator for EV/RV550-104
7123-147 PEEK Stator for EV/RV550-100
7123-221 PEEK Stator for HT/PD753-100, EV/RV750-105
7610-048 PEEK Stator for 7610-600
7900-146 PEEK Stator for MHP/MXP/MX/PD9900-XXX
9060-016 PEEK Stator for 9060
9125-043 PEEK Stator for 9125, 9010, 9030, 9725
9650-009 PEEK Stator for EV/RV750-102
9750-021 PEEK Stator for EV/RV750-100, 9750/9740
9925-002 PEEK Stator for MX9925-000
9960-002 PEEK Stator for MHP/MXP/PD9960
3725-085 Stainless Steel Stator for 3725-038, 3710-038, 3000-038, 3030-038
7010-040 Stainless Steel Stator for 7000, 7010, 7030, 7040, 7125
7010-069 Stainless Steel Stator for 7000L, 7030L and 7040L
7060-039 Stainless Steel Stator for 7060 and 7066
7060-065 Stainless Steel Stator for 7060L
7123-047 Stainless Steel Stator for EV/PR/RV500-100
7123-128 Stainless Steel Stator for EV/HT/PR/RV700-107
7123-142 Stainless Steel Stator for EV/PR/RV500-104
7123-148 Stainless Steel Stator for EV/PR/RV500-101
7123-180 Stainless Steel Stator for HT/PD703-100, EV/RV703-100
7123-223 Stainless Steel Stator HT/PD703-100, EV/RV703-100
7410-041 Stainless Steel Stator for 7410, 7413
7650-002 Stainless Steel Stator for EV/PR/RV700-102
7725-010 Stainless Steel Stator for 7725
7750-038 Stainless Steel Stator for EV/PR/RV700-100
7900-107 Stainless Steel Stator for MX7900-000
7960-002 Stainless Steel Stator for MX7960-000
8125-098 Stainless Steel Stator 8125, 8126
7123-548 UltraLife™ Stator for HT/MXT715-000
7123-550 UltraLife™ Stator for HT/MXT715-105
7123-568 UltraLife™ Stator for HT/MXT715-102
7770-229 DuraLife® Stator for MHP/MXP7920-000
7900-179 DuraLife® Stator for MXP/MHP/PD7900(-XXX(-X))
7960-014 DuraLife® Stator for MHP/MXP/PD7960-XXX
7900-183 DuraLife® II Stator for MHP/MXP/PD7970-XXX.
7986-004 DuraLife® II Stator for MHP/MXP/MX/PD7986-XXX
7980-004 DuraLife® II Stator for MHP/MXP/MX/PD7980-XXX