Idex Spiral-Link Tubing

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Spiral-Link™ Tubing

  • Preformed PEEK™ tubing into a convenient spiral for a sample loop or to facilitate tubing movement
  • Many volumes available


The coils of our 1/16” OD Spiral- Link tubing expand and contract, allowing you to more easily move your system components or even make equipment repairs whenever needed, without the hassle of breaking connections.

Upchurch Scientific® Spiral-Link tubing is made of PEEK polymer, a biocompatible, chemically inert material. Spiral-Links come in six different lengths. Our proprietary extrusion process ensures color permanence.

Each Spiral-Link ships with two F-287 SealTight™ Fittings.



In addition to 0.010” ID shown in the price block below, Spiral-Link tubing is also available with the following IDs: 0.005” (125 μm), 0.020” (0.50 mm) and 0.030” (0.75 mm), all with 1/16” OD. Please contact us or an IDEX Health & Science Distributor for more information, or find these products at